Class Schedule

Economics 304K, Spring 2000

It's Free I will make overhead slides available in pdf format on a weekly basis. They are not complete! Click on the date to obtain them. Most importantly, they are not a substitute for the lectures.
Date Class Activity Reading and Assignments
Tues, Jan 18 Introductory Lecture  
Thurs, Jan 20 Experiment 1--Supply and Demand Chapter 1
Tues, Jan 25 Lecture on Experiment 1 Chapter 2
Thurs, Jan 27 Experiment 2--Shifting Supply Homework Due for Experiment 1
Tues, Feb 1 First Lecture on Experiment 2 Read Appendices A.1-A.4, pp. 401-16 in text
Thurs, Feb 3 Second Lecture: Elasticities Read Chapter 3
Tues, Feb 8 Experiment 3--A Sales Tax Homework Due for Experiment 2
Thurs, Feb 10 Lecture on Experiment 3 Read Chapter 4
Tues, Feb 15 Experiment 4--Prohibition Homework Due for Experiment 3
Thurs, Feb 17 Lecture on Prohibition  
Tues, Feb 22 Review for First Midterm Exam Homework Due for Experiment 4
Thurs, Feb 24 First Midterm Exam Covers Experiments 1-4
Tues, Feb 29 Experiment 5--A Minimum Wage Read Chapter 5
Thurs, Mar 2 Lecture on Experiment 5 Read Chapter 6
Tues, Mar 7 Experiment 6--Externalities Homework Due for Experiment 5
Thurs, Mar 9 Lecture on Experiment 6 Read Chapter 7
Tues, Mar 14 Spring Break  
Thurs, Mar 16 Spring Break  
Tues, Mar 21 Experiment 7 Homework Due for Experiment 6; Partial Exp. 7
Thurs, Mar 23 Visit of Bernard Rapoport  
Tues, Mar 28 Lecture on Experiment 7 Homework Due for Experiment 7
Thurs, Mar 30 Review for Second Midterm Exam  
Tues, Apr 4 Second Midterm Exam Covers Experiments 5-7
Thurs, Apr 6 Experiment 8--Entry and Exit Read Chapter 8
Tues, Apr 11 Lecture on Experiment 8 Read Chapter 13
Thurs, Apr 13 Games  
Tues, Apr 18 More on Games Homework Due for Experiment 8
Thurs, Apr 20 More on Games  
Tues, Apr 25 Auctions Read Chapter 11
Thurs, Apr 27 Comparative Advantage Homework 9 due
Tues, May 2 Evaulation; Comparative Advantage  
Thurs, May 4 Review for Final Exam Homework Due for Experiment 11
Mon, May 15 Final Exam: 9AM-Noon, Room JES A121A Covers Entire Course

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